Purchasing candles for decorating is a small expense that can result in drastic changes. Candles paired with an orange cylinder votive holder can create an intimate and relaxed atmosphere, provide soft lighting that highlights features of your home and can serve as decor pieces themselves. Consider the following tips for using candles around your home.

Using candles in front of any mirrors in your home will provide a beautiful effect when the candlelight is reflected. Make sure you consider the size of the mirror when purchasing candles. A large mirror will look best with sizable pillar candles or tapers, while a small mirror or mirrored tray will work best with tea lights.

No mantle or shelf display is complete without candles and an orange cylinder votive holder. Using small lamps, lanterns, or votives in shades that match your decor is a nice touch. When lit, these candles will illuminate the pictures and items decorating your house in a very pleasing manner.

When looking to create a relaxed atmosphere, consider using candles as your light source rather than harsh lamps. Whether it's a dinner party, social gathering or just a night in with family, lighting candles will make the event feel more intimate and comforting. Create this pleasing effect by grouping many different types of candles together on a patio or a dining room table. Grouping tapers with pillars and tea lights will increase illumination and provide interest for the eye.

Whether using candles to set off your mirrors, accessorize your shelf displays, or create a certain mood, no home is complete without them.

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