Candles as wedding decorations can create an intimate effect or unforgettable ambiance. Just image your wedding day with different designs, shape, and colors candles. Lighting up your perfect day with candles will add accent both to the ceremony as well as reception. Also don’t forget to use exquisite candle holders that are safe and made of  usual shapes, styles and finishes.

Also another thing why candles are the best choice when it comes to decorating a wedding is that, they are actually cheap! Candles are often sold in bulk....

The key is to make the centerpieces on your reception table - cheap yet dramatic!.



Candles as Wedding Favors


Votive candles serve as excellent wedding favors. Since the new millennium the trend of candles as wedding favors has become very popular these days, not only because they are beautiful, but also they are INEXPENSIVE! At millennium candles you can buy bulk votive candles in glass holder or pre-filled glass votives which can then be personalized into any unique wedding favors. And if you opt to make your own candle favors at home, all you need to do is to purchase stickers or ribbon at your local craft store and just add them on to your pre-filled glass.. Making homemade wedding candle souvenirs is very easy and affordable.

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