2021  Trendy Wedding Ideas!
Ok let’s talk about how to incorporate candles into the wedding looks that will keep your guest talking about your wedding.
 Check out our shabby vintage look. This is a very popular wedding look! How do you achieve this look? To get this look all you have to do is just simply wrap some rope around the base of the candle then add some flowers. Pair them with some hobnail jars and you’ll get that great vintage shabby chic look that's really delicate and popular and makes for a great wedding centerpiece.
 Another great looks that have been highlighted on Social media this year is the rustic charm. All you need to do is simply put a corrugated tin candle holders upside down and have the taper candle paired with are wooden discs and some lace. This makes a really great display for that rustic charm look.
 The next look is the Romantic Luxe! Our votive candles is perfect for this look. All you need to do is pair our mercury glass and gold votive candle holders together. You can use the holders to display some of those really deep jewel colored flower that's going to make that Romantic Luxe really come through and create a really beautiful and romantic look for your wedding.
 The final look is the clean and classic wedding look! This is more of your traditional wedding centerpiece. It’s very light and airy and the candles look beautiful when they're paired with our clear or silver candle holders. This is going to bring in that really beautiful traditional wedding look.
We hope you’ll find our centerpiece ideas helpful in creating that statement at your at your wedding.,..Also remember to purchase your candles in bulk to save time and money.
Our Premium Candles are going to change the way you plan your events and make it a whole lot easier when you're using these high quality candles 
Safety Tip: Always burn candles within sight. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Never light on or near anything that could catch fire. Avoid lighting candles in drafts. Use suitable containers to achieve optimum burning conditions. Please exercise caution when designing with candles.


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