Lighting is the easiest way to dramatically change the mood and energy of the room even if you don't change anything else. You don't even have to go the lighting fixtures route to achieve the atmosphere you want. With the introduction of liquid fuel cells that burn for as long as 80 hours and a broad range of candle holders to fulfil whatever you fancy, you can set-up a lighting landscape that fits well with any occasion, budget and taste without the effort and time that usually go with permanent installations. Create an elegant setting no matter the season and add a sophisticated touch to any space using liquid fuel cells in votive candle holders.
1. Brighten up reception tables. Whether on a wedding, birthday or anniversary reception table, twinkling lights make elegant centerpieces by themselves, or in combination with flowers, fruits and other table decor.  Create a romantic centerpiece with layered lights using a glass cake stand lined with votive candle holders containing liquid fuel cells to infuse the occasion with a serene glow. Use frosted candle holders for a dreamier effect or patterned candle holders to draw attention to light-colored floral centerpieces.
2. Light up the pathways to welcome guests. Candles illuminating the pathway or staircase add a dose of drama to plain surroundings. Place liquid fuel cells inside votive candle holders to prevent them from getting snuffed out outdoors.
3. Create a romantic or relaxing ambience in alfresco dinners. Extend the concept of outdoor lighting to alfresco dinner tables. Fill votive candle holders with liquid fuel cell and mix and match with cube vases or floating bowls filled with fruits or petals for a more eye-catching, no-drip centerpiece. Cluster twinkling lights in the backyard or hang them in branches to make a more dramatic impact.
4. Infuse corners with soft lights. Fill forsaken spots with an inviting glow and turn them into a reading nook by day and a Zen corner by night.
5. Breathe new life into a tired mantel. No need to do any expensive update to give your mantel a new look. Adorn a well-worn mantel with elegant lighting and some eclectic items and change the look as the season changes. You can even fill the fireplace with long-burning liquid fuel cell in votive candle holders during warm weather months to create a meditative place to de-stress.

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