Everyone loves to see candles burning, and any occasion is made much more significant by the presence of burning candles. Burning candles offer a heavenly presence, they bathe a room or area in a distinctive golden type of light and remind us of the ethereal nature of this life. There are many poetic writings that revolve around candles, and many ceremonial endeavors would not be complete without candles being prominently featured.
What we Know
We know a lot about candles, regarding the various ways they are created, many ways in which they are used, we know much about the various shapes, scents and colors of candles, and we've seen how they can be created with objects contained right within the wax that are framed in light as the candle burns. We’ve seen candles that are votives that float on water, and we've seen candles that burn in plain white bags that line the streets of neighborhoods as Christmas luminaries.
Some Tidbits We May Not Know
While everyone has learned a lot by simply experiencing candles and burning them in their own life, there are a few “factoids” with which not everyone is familiar. Some follow:

•   Lighting Many Candles: There may be, at one time or another, an occasion where you will need to light several candles all at one time. A big mistake most people will make when faced with this task is that they will begin to light the candles by lighting the ones closest to them first. This means that, as they continue to light candles, their arm will eventually be extended over the already lit and burning candles in order to light those candles remaining to be lit. What they should do is begin by lighting those candles which are furthest away first, then proceed closer and closer toward themselves as they light the candles.

•   Extinguishing a Candle: Sometimes, people have candle snuffers to put out candles, however most candle snuffers only come in a size that exclusively works with tapered candles, or the variety that is typically used at formal dinner tables. While a candle snuffer of this size can also work on a candle with a wider circumference, the outer edges of the snuffer will most likely pick up wax, creating the potential for a mess.  The best way to extinguish any candle, regardless of its shape or size, is to take your index finger and hold it about two inches away from the flame. Now, with your mouth about two inches away from your index finger, blow upon your index finger (in the direction of the candle,) about one second, and the candle will be extinguished expediently, and without any wax splattering. It is, by far, the most efficient and effective way to extinguish a candle. Try it sometime. 

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