A Taper Candle for all Reasons and Seasons

Candles were an essential in homes before the discovery of electricity, but today, candles’ primary use is to add a dreamy low-light ambiance to a room or after dark outdoor setting.

Tapered candles in holders make beautiful accents paired with vases of flowers. They add a nice warm glow in many situations including romantic dinners for two, wedding receptions, or elegant dinner events. Candles are used ceremonially when brides and grooms each use a taper to light a larger pillar candle to signify the joining of their two hearts. 

A taper candle is generally crafted by the hand-dipping method, which creates a candle that naturally tapers upward because more wax accumulates at the bottom of the candle. Every dripless color imaginable to accent any décor is manufactured and sold singly or in boxes of multiples. Tapers are customarily made with unscented wax since their usage is often at a dining table, and a heavy candle fragrance tends to interfere with the delicious smells of the food. Tapers are made in a number of different versatile lengths. 

Display and burn tapers in brass candlesticks or silver candelabras especially designed to hold them upright. There are also glass hurricane lanterns and other glass containers made for keeping tapers in place vertically. Some additional ideas include using empty wine bottles or decorative jars partially filled with sand as taper holders.

Create a sense of classic style, charm, and warmth in your home by including tapers in any location where candles can burn safely. 

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