Millennium Candles


            My name is Dezeree Francis and I am the founder of Millennium Candles, an online candle and wedding store.


            At a young age I learned leadership lessons as a female coming from a traditional family.  I had to learn how to cook, clean, be self sufficient, and be a role model for my younger siblings.  In addition, being on the high school soccer team helped me to develop good social skills and to see the importance of teamwork, which helped me to build character as I became an entrepreneur.  Soccer also taught me how to analyze others body movements and working habits which helped me through the employee candidate evaluation process after I opened my first business.


            Being a wife and mother to two sons, Tyreeq and Tyler, I enjoy preparing meals for my family.  However, when the meals are eaten and the dishes are put away, I dislike the lingering scent of food throughout the house.  In my attempts to reduce the cooking odors, I became fascinated with candles.  While at the mall shopping for candles, I was soon disappointed with the limited variety of scents, shapes and sizes. 


            At my job at a preschool in Park Slope, many of my colleagues were entrepreneurs.  Two of my colleagues made and sold soap and jewelry as a hobby.  Initially, I decided to make candles as a hobby but soon came to see candle making as an as an opportunity to supplement our family income.


            First I researched candle making and spoke with staff at various candle shops about their products.  Then I purchased a small wax mixer on eBay and made my first round candles.  I was not particularly happy with the first batch of finished candles but as I practiced new forms and techniques, my skills improved.  Soon after I was able to sell a set of candles to a family friend.  I was excited about my first sale so decided to set up a display in my living room.  I invited my family and friends to my home to purchase candles as gifts for the Christmas holiday season and for personal use.  I asked for their suggestions and referrals as I continued to research scents.  In a short time, I began to see an increase in sales and decided to turn my hobby into a full fledge business operation.


            I applied for various bank loans for which I was denied but I did not give up hope and continued to seek out a variety of financing options.  Ultimately, I was able to secure a small business loan, a storefront lease to warehouse my stock of candles and supplies that had previously been stored in my basement and a place to display my wares.  I then secured contracts with Federal Express and UPS.  I did this while working  full-time, attending classes, raising my sons and being a wife.


            The next step was creating an internet presence to expand business and keep tabs on inventory and overhead.  After 18 months,  Candles D-light was up and running and sales were brisk.  I soon began to believe that my business had the potential to be successful.  The company ranking on Google moved upward and I focused on the remodeling and refurnishing of my newly obtained storefront.


            I continue to work at the pre-school, attend classes, raise my family and make and sell candles all with the support of my family and good friends.  I believe in hard work and the American Dream so I’d like you to take this opportunity to view my merchandise and if you find something you like, please feel free to purchase a piece of my American pie. 


            Welcome to Millennium Candles.  We look forward  doing business with you. 

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