We know you want every detail to be perfection: The menu design, the flatware, the tablecloths, and especially, the lighting. One of the most high-impact, low-cost ways to impress your guests or customers are tabletop candles.

Your mind might immediately go to long tapers and candelabra, and if your event is quite formal, they certainly cannot be beat for creating a dramatic statement. To create an intimate dining or cocktail experience, however, votive or lowboy tabletop candleholders can’t be beat. The classic lowboy, staple of the restaurant industry for decades, is available in a wide variety of colors, and its distinctive shape and texture are instantly recognizable. If your design calls for comfortable, traditional lighting, the lowboy might be just what you need.

It is possible to find a candleholder that carries your contemporary design aesthetic through from signage to table. There are many fantastic and updated tabletop options available too, for much less money than you may think. If your style leans toward a Frank Lloyd Wright arts and crafts design, look to items like our Craftman Frame. The 4” votive holder has a crazed surface and can be purchased in amber for a vintage glow, or white for a sleeker contemporary feel. The more open-topped Low Craftman Frame is so clean in design it would work for anything from a coffee shop to Asian-inspired rooms.

If you have always wanted the amber glow that the classic Gold Diamond Point Glass Globes provide, they’re still available too, and there’s a wide selection of other amber votive holders on the market to provide warm, intimate lighting for your guests.

Flameless candles have come a long way from their first flickering moments. Flame colors now can vary, and for a really festive, colorful flair, the new LED candles, like our 4” Wax LEDs, can turn your table into a carnival of color.

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