Your wedding reception needs drama, panache, excitement! You’ve got a dance floor that shifts colors, or a light show that splashes it with swirls of light. The venue has gel-colored, recessed up-lights that they’ve coordinated to your theme, and you’ve even encased the hanging chandeliers in gauzy illusion to bathe the room in just the right light. How can colored votive holders hope to keep the drama.
going at the tables?

They can if you pair them, and your chandelier covers and floral centerpieces, with Floralytes! I’ve just discovered these amazing, battery operated, long-lived, disposable lights and I am over the moon about them! They’re pinpoint LEDs that are available in a full spectrum of colors to weave into and through your flowers (even a bouquet if you so choose), your table runners, and your topiaries. Imagine the impact of a few hundred independent twinkle lights, in the perfect shade to enhance your event design, sprinkled throughout your venue. They will take your event from special to spectacular.

There is even a special variety of Floralyte which is completely submersible! It is waterproof, long-lived, independently battery operated, and can be controlled with a standard remote. Imagine your tables with a mirrored centerpiece flat base, small, clear vases filled with delicate flowers, and glowing from within with Floralytes. The effect is amplified by the mirrored base, throwing soft, ambient light over your table display. Using the remote option with the lights can allow for dramatic impact at just the right moment, to coordinate with musical cues or the arrival of a special guest.

The portability of these LED lights is what makes them so unique. Never before have I encountered an illumination tool so perfectly designed for special events, florists, or theatrical needs.  You can find a full range of Floralyte LEDs and submersible LEDs at online vendors like

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