Designing centerpieces can be scary. They need be big enough to make a bold statement, carry your theme through from table-to-table, yet be inviting enough for guests not to feel overpowered and not break your budget. One of the best ways to get a lot of drama for your centerpiece design dollar is to use colored glass vases.

When you think glass vase, your mind probably does a couple of things. You picture a delicate bud vase with a single rose, or maybe a very 1990s looking square clear glass vase, 18” or so in height, filled with colored clear stones, right? Well glass centerpiece-ware has come a long way, baby! Online retailers and wholesalers like carry a fantastic array of glass vases, in clear and a whole rainbow of colors, in any shape or size you may need, to decorate your tables.

if you’re planning a spring or summer event you can create a modern twist on a low-key outdoor vibe or bring the feeling of a casual summer party indoors by using a combination of heights and shapes of colored glass vases and candleholders. Choose a selection of square or round glass vases and candle-glass vases in bright spring and summer hues. Mix and match 12”, 9 ¾”, 6”, and 4” glass vases and candle-glasses in casual groupings along long tables to create islands of color and light. Don’t be afraid to be bold and mix round and square vases, and play with color. Fill the tall vases with colorful Gerber daisies or sunflowers, the shorter ones with a combination of Queen Anne’s Lace and wildflowers, and put votive candles in the smallest. Even filled, your tallest point will likely be under 18”, which will allow your guests ample space to see and speak to each other.

To really bring the warm weather vibe up a notch, you can suspend the charming candle-glass holders (available in round or square varieties) from wires on the ceiling, filling the room with pops of color and attractive ambient light with votive candles, or more wildflowers.

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