I’m sure we can all agree that candles are inexpensive and make a fabulous prop to set a romantic ambience. Highlight your special day with our bulk votive candles along with fresh wedding flower arrangements.


Votive candle is commonly used as an accent as it can be use to defined beauty in a couple of ways. First, they can be defined by their size, which is recognized a 2 inches tall by 1.5 inches in diameter. They can also be define their burn time and color.

Another way a votive candle can be defined is in its religious use. In this case it isn't the size of the candle but its purpose, which defines what it is.

Depending on the particular denomination or sect, candles can be tapered, tea-light, or in some cases the regular size mentioned above.

Even if you get a little confused, you recognize them when you see them; whether it's in a religious ceremony or meaning, or simply in its definition based on height and diameter. 

A votive candle like this one ishow it would be viewed when considering its definition based on height and diameter. There is nothing else which defines what it is other than that in its everyday use as a candle.


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