Like many household items, candles are perfectly safe when used properly. Keeping basic safety tips in mind when selecting and decorating with candles will help to prevent mishaps and potentially dangerous fires. Here are our top candle safety tips.

  • Use a heat resistant holder. You don’t want the hot candle wax dripping onto your table, causing damage to your wood counter or potentially causing a fire. Make sure you use candle holders, plates, or place them in water if they’re floating candles to avoid damaging surfaces.
  • Avoid flammable materials. Curtains, furniture, hair, clothing, etc.- all of these things can catch fire if you put a candle too near them. Put some distance between your candles and anything highly flammable. 
  • Use a stable, out of the way surface. Using rickety tables and putting candles on the floor where they can be run over by pets or small children are not safe ways to use candles. Make sure the candles cannot be easily bumped or knocked over in the location you have chosen. 
  • Don’t leave candles unattended! Put them out before leaving the room and especially before going to sleep for the night or leaving for the day. And don’t leave young children or pets unattended with candles because accidents can occur. 

If you follow these basic safety tips, you should have no problem using your candles safely. You can enjoy their beauty and tranquility with complete peace of mind! 

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