Candle creates beautiful wedding centerpieces
I think we can all agree that the first thing many brides think about after deciding where to have their wedding is the décor. Often, brides believe they must have flowers as the main décor element on the reception tables in order to create a luxe look. I disagree…

Flowers are beautiful but they do not have to be the focus on your reception tables. You can add romance to your table by adding candle pillars of varied heights and shapes to create a beautiful tablsecape.The candles in various hues of lilac, pink and purple goes perfect with the lovely bright blooms for spring weddings.


Hannah Hartford

Date 2/20/2021

I can't get tired of the focus of candles at wedding. I just like the talent they give out-they are elegant, timeless, and very beautiful. One of my favorite things about them is probably the fact that they can be transformed into their unique, ancient atmosphere to create a modern feel, or they can be integrated into a romantic and retro atmosphere.

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