To make your wedding remarkable and memorable you need to pay attention to your lighting . Among many other accessories and decorative materials the most visible one are lights that you use to illuminate the corners, pews, backdrops, reception, and other places within your wedding site. There are many styles of lights, considered ideal for the decoration, and for making the right ambience in the event.

Wall lights:

They are used to cover the entire area of the reception or the place where walls have to be covered with something. Sometimes, these lights are also used behind or onto the backdrops. They aim at illuminating and sparking the function by producing shinning lights and effects. A net of wall lights should be spread over the walls to lighten-up the decoration.

Lantern and candles:

Are the most prime lighting options when it comes to wedding interior and exterior décor. They fit in any theme and make a big exposure with deep impact and influences. Candles are cheap and inexpensive, they are accessibly too. Buying colored ones will not be difficult to get. The lanterns should be placed or hanged somewhere in the safe place. Chinese lanterns are very famous and considered classy for any type of occasions. Producing romantic feel to the occasion can much be accomplished with these outdated yet exotic methods of decoration.

Floor lights:

They are placed on the floor and on the corners of the site. No matter what the size of wedding site is; you can give a distinctive feel to the entire place by decorating all possible points including corners. Hang wind-chimes or bells on the corner, and place floor lights below the bells. The bell will ring to get attention of guests who then will notice shinning lights placed below the rings.

String lights:

They are like strings, spiders, and nets, and mainly used in the exterior decoration of the site. The outer side of the site should be covered with them. If you have also included plants to the site, the vases and pots may also be wrapped or covered with these lights. They come in a variety of colors and designs. They are small in size but contribute in enhancing the decoration.

When you shop for the wedding accessories and materials don’t forget to buy Candles because they are important to make a special wedding impact..


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