Candles are one of many forms of light production, however they are probably the last device people typically would resort to, when the primary purpose would be to produce light. Even though many generations before us have had little other methods of lighting rooms and areas in the dark, there have always been other methods that prove to be more powerful in the volume of light they can manufacture.

Lighting, Pre-Electricity

The most crude form of light production might be found by the use of torches. And then there are lanterns which rely upon fossil fuels to work, which have been widely used, and especially by our pre-electricity ancestors whose homes otherwise became impasses with the disappearance of the sun. So the advent of electricity in homes meant the immediate decline of the production of candles and lanterns.

The Distinction Of Candles

Candles, however, have retained their prominence and place in homes and businesses everywhere, through all of time. The only difference in how they’re seen is that once electricity began being used for nighttime lighting, candles began being more distinctly known as components of romance and more festive, or formal occasions. Somehow we know that, when we see lighted candles, there’s some kind of special significance attached to the time and place.

The Ambiance Of A Multitude Of Burning Candles

Often in movies, we will see romantic scenes designated as such by the presence of a myriad of lit candles glowing in the dark. Their mystique offers a special significance that nothing else can do. And it seems the more, the merrier. We find ourselves wondering who took all the time to light 200 candles like that...but to see so many candles burning together and all at one time is a beautiful sight.

Eternity, Glowing In The Dark

No one can have too many candles. Whether it’s you or a candle lover in your life, you can never go wrong when you give a candle as a gift. All shapes, sizes, colors and scents...they can be burned together or separately. While they can be extinguished so easily a glowing candle in the dark represents eternity to’s like coming as close to God as we possibly can.

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