It’s the wedding season and many are looking for wedding centerpieces and wedding ideas. Our floating candle centerpiece will provide the inspiration you are searching for. An array of floating candle is a great way to make a stunning centerpiece for many different occasions.

Floating candles are always a lovely idea. Many turn to floating candles because wax is lighter than water, and specially designed candles can float on top of water while lit. The gentle light of the candle is enhanced by the water giving a very special effect. Floating candles are often combined with other items, for instance petals, flowers, glass beads, colored sand or pebbles. The wide variety of options means that there are many floating centerpiece ideas available. This makes them a perfect option for weddings and other big family celebrations, as well as smaller more intimate gatherings.

Displays of Individual Glasses

A stunning floating candle centerpiece display can be achieved using a number of individual glasses displayed together. This is an extremely flexible option as the glasses can be combined in different ways to create different looks. This is also useful for a large occasion, such as a wedding, where there may be tables of different sizes. Smaller numbers of glasses can be used on smaller tables while still echoing the main overall table design. Any types of decorative candle glass can be used for this idea, however it is important that any other table decorations complement the overall style.

Single Bowls

Floating candle centerpiece ideas often include large single glass bowls that contain one or more floating candles. This can be used on its own as a classic centerpiece idea or combined with other decorations for a more unusual design. Bowls that are used to display floating candles are often large and wide. This means that they are best suited for large tables.

Tips for Choosing Floating Candle Centerpieces

Here are some tips for choosing the right centerpiece for your occasion:

·                Make sure that the vessel is suitable for displaying a burning candle. It is important to buy or rent vessels that are large enough to ensure that the glass does not overheat. The combination of a lit candle and water may result in the glass cracking. Check with the manufacturer if there is any doubt as to the suitability of a vessel or consider a battery candle alternative.

·                Ensure that any other decorations or embellishments are heat resistant and won't be affected by any heat from the candles. At the worst a decoration may catch light and at best a decoration, such as a flower, may wilt and look unattractive.

·                Consider scented floating candles. These add to the overall ambiance of a room. Do bear in mind, however, that some people have an allergy to fragrance, so this won't be suitable for every occasion.

A floating candle centerpiece is a great option and a wonderful way to decorate a table what ever the occasion

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