A cheap candle can help enhance a memorable moment, create atmosphere and help celebrate spiritual or religious occasions. The right color or scent can invoke a special memory or add personal depth to the event. Use candles like an accessory when planning and preparing to pop the big question or decorating for the holidays. Candles have a versatility that many decorations and adornments lack. The varying shades make it possible to find the perfect hue to match the dinner setting or her evening outfit. Their scents and odors can be used as a subtle highlight enhancing the ambience of the moment. They are popular in homes and businesses for this reason alone. Candles are small, light and easy to transport to any location. They make great background lighting for intimate occasions. There are times that just a simple candle can create an entire setting or atmosphere. Many proposals have taken place in the shadows of a single light. Afterwards, many remember the flickering light and the gentle scent of the candle as it burned down. A single candle can often speak as loudly as a few words. Memories do not have to be expensive and time consuming. Use the colors and various scented candles available to their advantage. Whether it’s a single light or a small gathering of them, their beauty will be noticed. The use of candles makes the time you spent planning feel extensive, even if it was a last minute surprise. Make your statement in a subtle way but make it memorable.

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