Millennium Candles is a one stop shop for candles and lightening décor. They are mostly known for their inexpensive votive holder, which comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. But first let’s understand what’s a votive candle The term “votive candle” is used in two different ways. A votive candle is a devotional candle which is used in religious worship, classically in Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches. Which are typically lit by visitors or members of the church as part of the prayer process. In other words a votive candle is just a small pillar candle of standardized size, usually two inches (five centimeters) high by one and a half inches (roughly four centimeters) and made to burn 5hr, 8hr, 10hr, 12hr or 15hr. Many religious votives candle fall within this standard size, but they also come in other sizes and shapes as well.

When shopping for votive holders make sure the holder allows the candle to burn freely without flickering in the wind. An ideal votive holder should be a glass cylinder with a closed bottom.. Also for those who like to be versatile our votive candle holders, not only fit votive candles s but tea lights as well.

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