Whether you're planning a special date and would like to set up the rooftop for a romantic dinner or you wish to produce a romantic ambiance in your fine dining resto, there are certain elements you have to take note of in order to achieve your goal.

In creating a romantic mood in any event or venue, it's essential to establish the following:  


Lighting has always been a crucial factor in trying to create a particular feel. Dim lights are perfect for a romantic atmosphere. When you scatter candles gently flickering in the right places and providing a cozy, sensual glow in an area, all the more that you can evoke the emotions of romance, passion, and desire in people.

We carry plenty of beautiful candles in all shapes and sizes, which you can utilize for this specific purpose. Taper, round, and pillar candles of various heights can be placed together in clusters. Tealight candles may be used to light a pathway in an outdoor setting. You may want to also make use of floating candles for your centerpiece or even as part of pool design for, let's say, a wedding by the poolside. And of course flower-shaped candles will also come in handy.  


Music is another integral part of a romantic ambiance. Just picture yourself with a loved one enjoying a candlelit dinner while listening to a soft and beautiful melody in the background or even the harmony of strings being played live by a quartet! Indeed music can make all the difference.

You know how songs can make people feel good or bad, or let you recall certain memories. They are also effective in arousing certain emotions and conjuring particular images. This is why you ought to carefully pick out the music too.

Love songs may do the trick for a casual setting that you would like to inject with a romantic quality. If you are preparing the place for someone in particular, it's great to play your "theme song" or a song that perfectly describes your story or your feelings.

Now in a more sophisticated environment, it would be good to play melodious, flowing tunes such as gentle instrumentals. This kind of music is suitable for quiet talks and bonding moments.


When you think of the color of romance, the first that comes to mind must be red. Different shades of red and pink will do your purpose well. Sometimes you can also incorporate purple and yellow hues. Other times, combining soft pastels will help as well in creating the romantic ambiance you want to go for.

Your choice of colors can vary, so long as they complement one another well and don't seem loud or bright. You should also make sure that they work well with the lighting.

Weave together these 3 important elements for a romantic ambiance that will surely make you fall head over heels in love!


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Date 2/23/2019

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