Wedding centerpiece choices are virtually endless, and sometimes the topic of conversation after the wedding. Your wedding centerpiece says a lot about your style and the elegance of your wedding. Don’t be afraid to let your personal style and creativity shine through on every table! Whether subtle and simple or wildly elaborate, elegant or whimsical, wedding centerpieces set the mood and carry the theme while bringing color and life to your reception.
If you're concerned about wedding centerpiece dos and don'ts, stop worrying. There are more dos than don'ts. Here are a few important dos:

  Design your centerpieces so that your guests can see one another when they converse across the table. 

  Let one special person at each table take home the centerpiece. You can put a little note or tag underneath the seat of one chair at each table, and whoever is sitting in that chair wins the centerpiece. Sometime during the reception, you or the best man or emcee should ask your guests to look under their chairs to see who wins the centerpiece at their table.

  When it comes to your wedding centerpieces, do whatever makes your heart happy!

Stretch your imagination and use your senses when designing your centerpieces. If you want your centerpieces to deliver a lovely fragrance, fill vases or bowls with aromatic flowers like roses, jasmine, chocolate daisies, lavender and gardenias. Tantalize your guests' taste buds by placing three different- sized bowls with Jordan almonds, chocolates and mints in the center of the table. You can even coordinate the candy's colors to complement your décor. Surround your tables with warmth by the simple inclusion of candles as part of your centerpiece design. Centerpieces with seashells always bring a tropical ambience to beach-themed wedding receptions. Topiaries or vases with silk flowers love to be taken home by guests, because they usually have a spot in their home that needs a touch of beauty. Don't you just love being creative-especially when it means so much?

The difference between a wedding reception with centerpieces and without them is truly like night and day-so if you want your special day to be everything you've ever dreamed of, pick your perfect centerpieces at your wedding  is one in a lifetime, don’t settle for less on your special day.




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