Summer is fast approaching, and with it the opportunity for new décor ideas! Here are a few suggestions to boost your creativity. 

Beach in a Vase
Use a large vase or fishbowl as a decorative terrarium of sorts. Pour some sand inside, insert a candle and its holder into the sand in the center of the vase. Gather starfish, shells, pretty rocks, and other beach-themed accessories, and set them on top of or slightly nestled in the sand. You’ll have a unique, beach themed candle holder that looks spectacular for the summer!

Colored Sand
Another spin on the sand idea is to take a medium sized candle holder, pour in layers of different colored sand, and insert a smaller candle into the sand. You can match any color scheme with this idea, since you choose the sand and candle color. You can do this on a small scale or on a large scale, with many small candles or one very large one. 

Lace and Charm
Take some lace and glue or modge podge it around the candle holder. You can go for classic ivory lace, or try something more colorful that matches your summer décor. Accessorize even more with coordinating ribbons. 

Washi Tape
Another very simple DIY candle trick is to put patterned Washi tape on the outside of your candle holders. Make a fancy border around the edges, or go asymmetrical- your choice! 

Walkway Lights
For outdoor parties and events, line your garden walkway with candles! Use mason jars with candles inside for a country look, or go with more elegant styles for fancier occasions. 

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