Five Questions for finding the best red, frosted, clear votive candle holders


With so many choices for products on the market, making an informed decision can be very stressful for consumers these days. Ask yourself these top five questions whenever you’re looking to buy red, frosted, clear votive candle holders.


How will I use them?

If you plan on using them for decorative purposes at a get-together, red or frosted holders will work wonders in setting a high-class mood. However, if your use is more practical, such as during power outages, you’d probably be best served by a clear candle holder. These are great for when you lose power, because you can set them in different places around the house to disperse light throughout.


Will they fit any size of candle?

Do you have a particular pack of candles in mind for the holders? Remember that you’ll want something that has plenty of room to hold most sized candles without being too bulky. Votive candle holders are perfect in this scenario, because they have a wide mouth for fitting sizable candles, but are still dainty and easy to hide away when not in use.


Are they packaged securely?

Obviously, when you purchase glass items online, it’s important that the seller takes care in wrapping them up. Improper packaging could mean that you wind up with a bunch of broken glass instead of the candle holders you ordered.


What material is it made out of?

Glass is the most common choice for this, as it is a long-lasting material. However, just because something is made out of glass doesn’t mean it’s high-quality—you’ll want to check that the glass is without flaws, and has a consistently made base that is also flat. You can tell a lot about how long a candle holder will last by holding it in your hands and feeling how heavy it is.


Is this the type of holder I want?

Everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect candle holder. Votive candle holders have many benefits that set them apart from a typical holder. They allow candles to burn cleanly, so that there’s barely anything left when the candle goes out; at the same time, they protect the flame from drafts, and still allow plenty of light to shine through.


It’s up to you to decide what is most important in your search for candles and candle holders, but whatever your choice we have it all here at



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