Flameless Candles-A Smart Alternative

There is nothing better than a candle for ambiance. A soft flickering light during a romantic dinner can really set the mood. Food seemingly tastes better, conversation quickens, and relaxation is heightened. However, in some instances, the flames of a candle can be a safety concern. 

Flameless candles are being used throughout the world in hotels, restaurants and businesses to create this inviting atmosphere without the safety concerns that a candle might impose on a business. Without the fear of fire, a flameless candle could be the answer.

Contrary to a regular candle, alternative flameless candles have some good selling points. Here are some positive factors about the use of flameless candles in your establishment:

1. They run off a rechargeable battery and come with a charging dock..
2. They will "burn" for 18 hours without a recharge.
3. They look and flicker like a real flame but without the worry.
4. Most can be set to flicker or light at a constant glow.
5. They contribute towards providing a warm atmosphere just as a real candle might do.

Although flameless candles are a bit pricey initially, they will last for a very long time. You can purchase these types of candles in many different shapes, sizes, colors and even in different scents just as regular candles. They are safer, especially when running a public establishment where a regular candle would have to be monitored more closely, making the flameless candle a much cheaper lighting alternative in the long run.   



Date 1/21/2021

Milagros Politte

Date 1/31/2021

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