Votive candles are made from paraffin or wax, but there are different grades of paraffin with different melting points. The important thing to remember is the consistency of the burn time and the cleanliness of the components of the candles. Often paraffin is mixed with other types of waxes like beeswax or vegetable wax. This is done to obtain the rigidity necessary for the type of candle being made. Depending on the quality of wax used, a candle may burn very fast or very slow. . It may have a low melting point and produce little to no oil, Candle quality also varies widely depending on the candle maker. That’s why votives at Millennium Candles are made from compression molded paraffin. That’s manufactured in United States Of America., which is also supported by the standards of the National Candle Association for safety and reliability. Millennium Candles uses materials and production process that ensure a consistent burn time. Users must also consider safely burning votive candles, in candle holder However, when a votive candle is burning; the glass cup gets very hot and can easily burn a bare hand. If the hot oil should spill it could cause severe burning. Therefore votive candles are best left to sit in place once lit. Votive candles can be a dynamic lighting feature that sets the mood for any occasion



Date 9/22/2011 8:53:00 PM

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