Clear glass bowl used with floating candle creates beautiful centerpieces. These sparkling glass bowls will give off a reflection that provides a certain kind of relaxed and calm state to you and your guests. The atmosphere thus enables you and your guests to enjoy each others company better; because they are so different designs exist in the market it can be difficult to choose the right one.

How to choose the Right Floating candle bowl

There are a lot of different types of floating candle bowl available out there but they all serve a different purpose. The different uses is actually based on the creative instincts of the users since they are meant to beautify an environment there can be no specified use but dictated by the specific situation of circumstance. You should choose your bowl base on the occasion. Small bowl should be use on small table with just 1-2 floating candles. A medium size bowl should be used at a larger party where they are no need for intimacy.  And a large floating bowl like a 16” or 18” is perfect for a large room with many party guests. Large bowls gives more option to add creativity such as multi floating candles, flowers, etc.

The fact that floating candles have very few risks attached to it has made a favorite of a lot of people. They don't tip over, they burn until they are extinguished by the water they eventually sink into the water after much of the bulk have burnt, and also been in the water mean that if positioned away from hanging flammable materials could not cause any form of fire incident.

Floating candles are the in thing for a romantic party or just to beautify your home during tea time or dinner or even when watching a film with all light out.

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