While candles create an intimate and calming ambiance, open flames may not always be feasible or appropriate. There are obvious risks that come with a large number of exposed flames. Flames can also be accidently blown out, ruining the intended effect. You can still arrive at the same effect by using some alternate flameless candle options. The following are a few candle styles to consider for your next event. LED Lights LED lights are a great way to utilize the unique effect of lighting without having to deal with the hassle of candles. LED lights can even be submersed underwater to illuminate a centerpiece or water feature. These LED lights are available in a variety of colors, adding to their versatility. The battery life extends up to 48-hours, making them to perfect option regardless of the length of your event or party. Battery-Powered Candles Battery-powered candles are the perfect option when you want a safe, no hassles lighting option without the flame. There are flameless candles options that are made of wax, giving the appearance of a real candle, even releasing an appealing scent. These flameless candles come with an easy-to-use switch to turn the candle on and off. Remote Controlled Candles Igniting your arrangement of battery-powered candles has never been easier with the use of a remote control. These candles can easily be turned on or off with the touch of a button. By implementing the use of remote controlled candles, you can focus on hosting a great party instead of stressing out about keeping candles lit. You can maximize your décor by using the effect of candlelight without having to worry about lighting candles and keeping them lit. The versatility and ease offered by these different flameless candles make decorating for your event stress-free. For a wide range of battery-powered or LED candles, visitwww.millenniumcandles.com.

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