People use candles for various reasons:  celebrations, romance and spiritual purposes, to light up your dinner table or just for relaxing. Seven out of ten American households use candles regularly as there are a variety of ways candles can light up your life.

Light and fragrance are the most effective and easiest way to improve your home’s mood and ambiance, and candles provide both.  They create elegant subtle lighting and beautifully decorate your home with color, fragrance and appealing warmth.

Studies show that soft light is calming on the body. Relaxing with candlelight can help reduce stress. An effective way to use candles to relax is to take a deep breath, and stare at the flame of the candle while it is lit. Focus in on the area at the base of the wick where the flames color is blue. Watch how the colors subtly change as you stare into the flame. Take deep, calming breaths while relaxing and simply focusing on the candle flame. It helps if this is done in a darkened room; however the exercise is effective even while in a brightly lit space.

The use candles can really set the mood for romance.  Few can resist a quiet candlelit dinner or a darkened bedroom with the glow of candlelight, or a romantic bubble bath for two in candlelight.

Entertaining can be made more intimate with the use of candlelight.  Even a casual outdoor meal can be cozier with the use of candles.  Conversation over soft lighting can be relaxing and comfortable.

There are few things more magical than fire dancing on water.  Floating candles in a pool, bathtub or any water space can provide a whimsical feel to any evening.

Candles come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and scents.  Whether stocking up for a potential power outage or setting the stage for an evening of romance, or for an informal gathering or for a large celebration, Millennium Candles has a vast selection to choose from.

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