Candles add warmth and romance to any setting. There is simply nothing that warms up a table like a small, flickering flame. Sometimes, though, a standard wax candle is impractical for your needs. If you require a longer (12 hours or more) burn time, or don’t want to clean wax out of your decorative votive and tea light holders, liquid paraffin fuel cells might be just what you’re looking for.

Liquid paraffin is a highly refined clear mineral oil which makes it perfect for a clean looking, cleaner burning flame. Don’t be confused and think that the only liquid paraffin available is the metal “sterno” look container. There is a wide variety of attractive, clear glass, re-usable or disposable container options. You can slip a small liquid paraffin container into a colored, frosted, or crafted candle holder to provide the same lovely tabletop glow as a wax candle, but without the waxy smell or residue. Usually, the liquid paraffin will be longer burning too. Our varieties can last up to 80 hours.

A lot of people confuse outdoor, citronella-infused liquid paraffin with the clear, pure variety. The only liquid paraffin flame that should smell like a tiki torch is the citronella variety. It is vitally important not to mix up the two! Citronella-infused liquid paraffin is very important for outdoor use: for patio dining, poolside, or the proverbial tiki torches. They provide both light and a strong insect repellant to keep your night-time outdoor activities as comfortable as possible. The smell of citronella, however, is overpowering in an enclosed space and should never be used indoors.

There is a contemporary elegance in the unadorned liquid paraffin fuel cell. The clear liquid, encased in glass and topped by a silver lid is sleek and modern, and with sizes and burn times from 8 hour tea lights to 80 hour votives, they’re a sure bet for your tabletops.


Shelly Abbott

Date 3/16/2021

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