Fuel cells are a refined liquid paraffins that’s package in clear plastic containers, that gives restaurants, wedding reception and hotel dinning a soft candlelight glow. Millennium Candles has been suppling restaurants around the world with liquid paraffin fuel cells for many many years.
 Many are using our elegant candle holders with the liquid fuel cells because the wicks are lead-free and the refined liquid paraffin gives a soft intimate candlelight glow. Not only do they add ambiance to any event but all our liquid paraffin fuel cell are eco-friendly and has been approved for food service use, including inside restaurants and at catered events, either indoors or outside. A special feature of the Liquid paraffin is that it’s in the nonflammable category with lubricating and vegetable oils and as a result the Department of Transportation puts no limitation on the transport or storage of these liquid paraffin fuel cell because it has been labeled as non-hazardous.
Another reason why so many loves to use liquid fuel  is  because it leaves messy wax to clean up. When the fuel cell has been depleted all you need to do is just simply discard the empty container or recycle it and replace it with a new liquid paraffin fuel cell. This lack of required maintenance makes using liquid paraffin fuel cell and supplies a must. Because dripping wax have always been a nuisance to restaurants owners , but thanks to this trendy invention, you can now enjoy a natural-looking flame without this hazard. Also at t www.millenniumcandles.com you have the option to choose any shape and size to like so that you can fulfill the exact purpose you have in mind. The sizes of liquid paraffin fuels are designed to accommodate lamps made for standard candles, such as tea lights, votives, cartridge candles and pillar candles.
In addition unlike traditional candles, liquid paraffin fuel cell burn time is very lengthy and serves as the perfect emergency candles incase of a block out. Traditional tea lights can burn up to 5 hours, but their liquid paraffin fuel cell can burn up to 8 hours. Standard votive candles offer 8, 10 or maybe 15 hour burn time while liquid paraffin fuel cell offers 10 to 24 hours. We also offer liquid paraffin fuel cell that can burn up to 115 hour burn time .
Last but not least liquid paraffin fuel cells are comes with a self-extinguishing option that makes putting out the flame safe and easy every time. Please visit our liquid paraffin fuel cell at www.millenniumcandles.com to read more about the benefits of liquid paraffin fuel cell and the options we have available.

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