The term long burning tea light does not mean that you need to have a very big candle to achieve a long burn time. Here are is reason why our long burning tea light will burn  a long time and provide the light you need without taking up too much space.

Long Burning Candles for Restaurants or Weddings


If you have not bought many candles before or have just bought whatever is on sale may be in for a little surprised, you might even discover that not all tea light candles are made the same.

Cheap candles are just what they suggest. There is nothing wrong in buying cheap candles as long as you know what you are buying and after all, in these days when spare cash is not too plentiful, we have to be sensible and buy what we can afford.

However if you are looking to buy a long burning tea light candle it is unlikely that a low price candle will give you what you desire.

As suggested earlier, you do not need to have an outsized candle to give you a long burn time. So how can you have a long burning candle that’s call a tea light?


The answer is that you buy a non drip candle that’s made with high quality refined wax. At Millennium Candles our tea lights, votives, tapers and  pillar candles are made of quality wax that will no drippings or mess. After all, it makes sense that if you buy a dripless candle and therefore the vast majority of the candle wax is being used up to provide light rather than run down the outside of the candle unused, your candle is going to burn for a longer period of time.

 When searching for quality candles look your candles that are listed as clean burning candle. Not only are you about to look at dripless candles but also make sure they are  smokeless.  You need to get dripless smokeless!.




Date 9/25/2017

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