Longer lasting candles are always a welcome addition to anyone's collection, and the 3 x 9 pillar candle is an excellent choice for this and other reasons. Not only longer lasting than other candles, these also are available in non-scented, and scented, and in many various scents, from chocolate to pumpkin, and many many others. 

Longer lasting candles save you money in the long run. A large one will cost the same as several smaller candles, but burn for twice as long as they will. These candles are tall enough that they can be used with taper candles, either as a center candle on a smaller table, or in the center of a row of candles on a longer table placed against a wall. Placing a mirror behind the candles would further increase the glow from the candles.

The wider base on 3 x 9 pillar candles makes them safer than smaller based candles, allowing these to be used as centerpieces at events such as weddings and reunions, where children may be present. It also helps create a buffer area where the color of the candle can be clearly seen, helping to create the mood for the event they are used in. Scented candles can further increase the atmosphere desired by the hosts, and help bring back memories if the same scent is consistently used at yearly events.

These larger candles are also a bit less messy, because the center of the candle is the only part that melts as the candle burns, creating very little drip on the outside of the candle. With the extra large base on a 3 x 9 pillar candle, the chances of tipping over is a lot less likely than with a smaller based candle.

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