Our metallic candles are luxurious works of art that can add a special touch to your table or any setting. These are formal, elegant and sophisticated creations that can be used for different occasions and festivities. At Millennium Candles, we can provide you with a comprehensive line of metallic candles that can be used for weddings, to complement Christmas home decors, for celebratory evenings or for any type of dinners or gatherings where you want to display good taste.

We offer different kinds of metallic candles including the 10 and 12 inch Metallic Taper available in Red, Silver and Green. We also carry LED Metallic Lights in Red and Green available in sets of 3. Our LED Metallic Lights will come with flickering colored flames and will mimic the look of the real candle. These are safe lighting solutions for your home, outdoors or churches since there are no actual open flames. These lighting solutions can work best during weddings, museums, hotels, catering and churches. These are also perfect replacements to fire-burning candles in case these will fail. Our catalog also offers floating candles, floating rose candles and twist taper metallic candles. All these are available for bulk orders and will come in different sizes and colors.

At Millennium Candles, we make sure that your requirements for metallic candles are met. Our floaters, taper and pillar candles may not be made from real gold and silver, but these shiny wax creations may be the best artworks you can get to give a touch of style to your preferred setting. So call us now to order these metallic candles in bulk and see a different lighting experience.


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