Long before candles were used for decorative purposes or to make homes smell better, they were a functional necessity in society. These historical facts will give you a little taste of the significant background that you might not have even realized about pillar candles.
Throughout the centuries, traditional uses for candles have been borne of necessity: this includes more obvious implementations, such as heat during cold winter months, and candles also served as the only light source for many families after dusk. If you’re buying candles for a back-up during power outages, or for another similar use, a pillar candle is the perfect solution because its burn will last you long through the night and its size offers substantial light compared to other candle types. White pillar candles bought in packs of 12 can lend either a classic look in round, or a more contemporary look in square. Large 6 X 6 inch pillar candles with 3 wicks are perfect for filling a room with light.

Besides these obvious uses for candles there has also been an ingenious one that affected the way in which people performed their daily activities: telling time. As it turns out, high-quality candles have a very consistent burn time, so much so that in ancient China by late 900 AD, they used candles to tell time. The design and shape of pillar candles were ideal for this technique, as their length allows them to be marked up the side to represent different time frames, usually hours. Even after the sun went down, people were able to tell time thanks to candles.

Today, you can still get the consistent burn time and quality that made pillar candles so appealing to people in the past. Now, consumers are not limited in their selection of pillar candles as they were back then. Modern shapes and colors—from metallic gold, copper, and silver to green, burgundy, navy, and orange—are flooding the market. Even artisan candles in stone, wheat, moss, and ember are available. It is hard to believe that this everyday household item has such a rich and varied past. You might not otherwise have known that this history exists, but now that you do you can remember it the next time you enjoy the warm glow of a pillar candle in your own home.

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