Summer is upon us already, and it’s time to break out summery scents and décor! But what candle scents are ideal for use in the summer? Here are a few of the tried and true summer candle scents.

Fresh Linen
This evokes imagery of fresh laundry on a breezy summer day. Who wouldn’t want their home to smell like this? It’s not an overpowering fragrance, so it’s good for people who don’t like extremely strong smelling candles. They are perfect for the day to day deodorizing and freshening of your home.

In addition to being a wonderful herb, rosemary also makes a wonderful smelling candle. If you can’t grow your own rosemary, or if you just like the scent, then this scent is for you. Rosemary is among the most aromatic of fresh herbs and makes for a great scented candle option. Additionally, rosemary is known for its relaxing qualities and among those who practice aromatherapy, it is said to heal pain. It is often combined with other scents, so you’ll have lots of choices. 

Nothing says summer fun like the smell of coconut. It’s rejuvenating and makes us think of tropical islands and tasty chilled beverages. You can go further and try piña colada scented candles. It’s a light, airy scent that smells lovely when combined with other fragrances. 

Mint is a fresh, clean, rejuvenating scent, and that makes it perfect for spring and summer. Mint is often combined with other scents, so the candle options are endless. You can also burn a mint candle and another scented candle to combine your own fragrances. 

Tropical Candle Scents
Bring the joys of the tropics to the suburbs! You can journey from your living room to a Caribbean island paradise in minutes with tropical scented candles. You have many choices; there are countless combos to choose from. 

Ocean Candle Scents
Nothing says “relax!” quite like the scent of the ocean. You can bring a beach vacation right to your home- at least in your mind. It’s a light, airy fragrance that can make any room feel more relaxing without being heavy and overpowering. Who wants to be overpowered by strong smells on a hot summer day? 

This is one of the most popular summer candles of all time. Since it’s a natural insect repellent, it’s no wonder why it’s so popular! These candles are perfect for anything outdoors- patios, decks, camping, BBQ’s, and so much more. They come in all shapes and fragrance combinations, so you’re sure to find one that works for you. 



Date 2/16/2017

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