We here at Millennium Candles understand the allure of traditional candles: their historic use, warmth, scents, and variety. However, we also know that there plenty of benefits to leaving the wax candle behind in favor of the modern flameless candle.

What is a Flameless Candle

A flameless candle is, of course, a candle that does not operate with a flame. Instead these new candles use batteries and lights, usually LED, to produce soft, candle-like lighting.

Benefits to Going Flameless

Now, while there is no doubt that flameless candles cost more than do similarly-sized old-timey candles, overtime they are much cheaper to use. Buyers of flameless candles recoup their investments on the backend use of their little devices.

Generally speaking, flameless candles are rechargeable. Also, since they make use of LED lighting, they use very little electricity. In fact, according to the good folks at EnergyStar, LED lighting produces 75% more light per watt used than do the lights we grew up with. Also, the light produced by LEDs is consistent, soft, and can even seamlessly change color. All of this combines to make a flameless candle that produces a flickering, warm light that looks like the real thing.

Although the cost savings you will realize through the use of flameless candles is real, perhaps the greatest benefit to going flameless is that they are so darn safe. Unlike traditional candles, flameless ones do not start fires. This safety feature means that flameless candles are perfect for homes with kids and pets or for those places with elderly people who may forget that a candle has been lit. Another thing that makes these candles safe is that they produce no smoke, which keeps the air that we breathe as clean as it can be.

Flameless candles are the perfect solution for people who want the warm glow of candlelight without having to watch after actual candles. Flameless candles do fine work in spas, in churches and temples, in homes, inside carved pumpkins, around Christmas displays and anywhere else a traditional candle may have once served.

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