Red Pillar Candles Are Versatile! Everyone Should Have At Least One Red Candle At Home

Did you know that Red symbolizes power and energy? Well no one should be without a red candle at home. Weather it’s a metallic red pillar candle, red square pillar candle or red votive candle everyone should have at least one  red candle at home. Nothing looks better than an array of red votive candles in red cylinder holder, or red pillar candles display. This type of setting  will definitely portray strength and success at any event or even in the home.


Do you know why red is found in many flag? Well Red is a color of courage and that’s why red is one of the colors used in our patriotic celebrations. You can use your red pillar candle on July 4th Independence day celebration.

In some countries, red depicts purity, joy, and celebration. In China, red is the color of happiness and prosperity and good luck. A red pillar candle is therefore an excellent gift for a Chinese friend especially if they are celebrating something special. Also a red pillar candle is also very at home Country, South Western, Spanish, Mexican and Mediterranean themes


The color red has a physical effect on us as people. It can increases respiration rate, raise blood pressure, enhance human metabolism and get us ready for action. Red is known to stimulate appetite which is why it is often used in cafes and restaurants. Having a red pillar candle in your dining area can enhance the dining experience of your guests or family. If you are looking for a dining decor that is stimulating to the appetite but also warm and cheerful, try a display of red pillar candles that’s different heights in multiple shades of red, orange and pink.


Red is also often worn in Eastern weddings and is the color used for wedding reception decorations. Red pillar candles and red wedding favor candles make dramatic wedding decor.

Did you know that a Ruby Red Pillar Candle Makes a Great Fortieth Wedding Anniversary Gift? Well the color red  is the traditional Fortieth Wedding Anniversary gift so a ruby red pillar candle can be a beautiful anniversary gift with lasting memories.


Traditionally we all say “I LOVE YOU” on Valentine day with some form of red candles, flowers or chocolate even that pretty red dress.

That’s because red is a very emotional color. It’s the color of joy, desire, sexuality passion and love. A red pillar candle is perfect for a romantic Valentines day dinner or a valentines day gift or any day to say “I love you” in a way that will last much longer than a bunch of roses. 



If you are still not convince thatred candles are versatile and everyone  should have at least one red candle at home. Lets look at Thanksgiving Celebration and the Christmas Holiday.


A Red Pillar Candle for Thanksgiving

Can you imagine your thanksgiving table centerpiece teamed with oranges,  browns, and red pillar candle? Think fall foliage right there on your dinner table. Minimalist themes are currently very popular. A single red pillar candle added to a set of  white or ivory decor theme creates a striking but simple effect. The same red pillar candle in a pink and gray theme can create a very elegant and sophisticated look.



Last but definitely not the least. As we all know red is a Christmas color. It’s a color depicts a bright joyful season. No Christmas should be without a red pillar candle amongst your Christmas displays.

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