Whether your team offers a private or semi-private catering services, the right kind of illumination always play a critical part in ensuring the overall success of the event. Proper lighting that is installed and placed in strategic areas can help provide a dining experience that’s both satisfying and stylish. 

And when it comes to lighting solutions, the options aren't just limited to traditional overhead lights that are common in many catering halls. In running a catering show, harsh and direct lighting will not work. When you want to set the mood and add character into the catering hall, you may want to dim the lights or find lighting solutions that offer a balance between illumination and styling. For the right mix of lighting and mood in the planned catering service, you can invest in a collection of wholesale catering and restaurant candles. 

Candle options available to set up the mood 

Candles, whether votive or pillar, are considered classic additions to dining tables. Depending on their arrangements and usage, these can add warmth, movement and a touch of character in tables. Votive candles are often made from paraffin wax, and usually stand two inches tall, and one and a half inch wide. While these types of candles are traditionally associated with church services and prayers, these can also work perfectly for dinners, weddings and catering events. And when it comes to stylish candle accents, caterers can’t go wrong with floating candles. 

Floating candles deliver on both counts- calculated illumination and styling. With floating candles, caterers are given opportunity to experiment on how to showcase the candles in catering tables. A common approach is to combine floating candles with scented flowers in glasses or vases. The floating candles can also add excitement and become conversation pieces if placed in a water feature like a nearby lake or a pool. Whatever project you have in mind, adding these floating candles definitely increases the intimacy and elegance effect in your next catering schedule. 

How to arrange candles for catering 

 Aside from handling and arranging candles for art’s sake, it’s also important to handle it for safety reasons. For starters, try to avoid scented candles when hosting a catering service. Whether the project calls for wedding catering services or a birthday party bash, scented candles can intermingle with the natural aroma of prepared dishes. In certain courses where the smell forms part of the dining experience, the scented candles are unwelcome. You should be aware of drafts and breezes that may be produced by ceiling fans, and never allow candles to burn unattended especially when placed on cloth or paper decors. Also, it’s best to confirm first if open flames from candles are allowed in the venue. If not, LED candles and other alternative options may be considered. 

Candle lighting isn’t just for proper illumination so guests can appreciate their food. When properly planned and arranged, it can also create an ambiance worth remembering for a long time.

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