Since the invention of electricity man has not needed candles, but we continue to use them mostly by choices. Candles have become very popular when hurricane or other natural disaster imminent, because we cannot always rely on modern technology such as electricity to keep the world lit. As a result, people tend to keep at least five emergency candle in their home just in case. When burning a candle we should all remember to be safe.



Seven Things You Should Always Remember When Burning A Candle


1. Never burn a candle unattended.


2. Never move a lighted candle, and never move a votive or container candle when the wax is liquid.


3. Always remember to burn your candles a maximum of 3 to 4 hours for best performance


4.If your candle flame is too low and you are not getting a complete wax pool, you can pour out some of the wax pool to allow the flame size to increase and burn hotter and thus, more completely



5. Always remember that wicks

do not burn down with the candle - they need to be trimmed! Always trim the wick so the length does not exceed ¼" - if the wick is longer, it will cause the candle to burn hotter and hotter. Very  Important !The candle flame height should be between ½" and ¾" - no more! If your flame is higher than ¾", you need to either trim the wick or blow the candle out and start over at a later time


6. Check to make sure that a  little wax is left on the inside of the jar as the candle burns down, this  is really important because

that means the candle is not burning too hot


7. For best results do not burn the candles in areas where there are strong drafts. Remember drafts in a room that are created from ceiling fans, high-traffic areas or counter/floor fans can and will change the performance of a candle.

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