Modernize Your Decor With Square Candles

A square candle is a sophisticated, modern way to update your decor. These candles' unique look sets any room apart from one decorated with more traditional candles, but they also blend seamlessly with more classic decorations for an eclectic design. If you plan to use them for decoration without lighting them, these candles fit into nooks and corners round ones do not.

While they haven't always been easy to find, more and more retailers are stocking these candles every day. They are also an easy DIY project; round candles can be cut to a square shape. Because this is a messy project that wastes candle wax, purchasing candles in the desired shape is preferable.

Choosing a candle with a unique texture, color, or scent adds dimension to your decor, and unique shapes are just another dimension of that. You will find them in all the color and texture variations more traditional candles come in, allowing you to further customize the look of your home. Their unique shape also opens up new possibilities for a candle holder; now anything in a square shape can hold your candles.

Changing the shape of your candles may not seem like a major design upgrade, but this simple, subtle change instantly makes any room seem modern and refreshed. It is an inexpensive, easily reversible way to try a more sophisticated design philosophy. Even if you decide on a more classic look, try integrating these candles into your traditional decor for a funky, mixed look that stands out from the crowd. 

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