Square pillar candles are candles which are extremely wide, allowing them to be burned for an extended period of time, since they have more wax available to fuel the flame. Because ccandles have a way of setting the mood, whichever mood you’re going for. At millennium candles you can find a variety of square pillar candles available in different sizes and colors. These trendy square candles are made for you to relax, enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner, comfortable bath, or simply beautify the ambiance of the entire house so that everyone can enjoy it. Turning off the lights and letting a few square pillar candles take over is a whole new level of relaxation.

The defining characteristic of our cheap square pillar candle is its width, which separates it from regular pillar candles. Our pillar candles tend to be fairly tall, and they are most commonly square or round. However, pillar candles can be cast in a variety of shapes, including custom shapes for special events.

Always remember that our unscented square pillar candles are available in a deep red color, white, green, ivory and other two tone colors that’s just the right color to add a splash of life into any room. Also keep in mind that their square shape makes them perfect as a room accessory, and they’re different to look at from a usual round candle.

Sometimes looking forward to a relaxing candle lit night is all you need. It’s definitely something that should be experienced, if you haven’t yet had the luxury. Aside from the fragrant luxuries, candles have a practical sense, too. The right candles can turn an unfortunate power outage into a relaxing electricity-free evening.

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