Tea Light Candles Tea light candles are some of the most useful candles you can buy. They are small enough that they can be stored without taking up much space. Whether you are looking to add a little more ambient lighting or want to make a pumpkin glow tea lights are what you are looking for. They also have use in aromatherapy. With Halloween just a few days away the time to showcase your pumpkins to the neighborhood is almost at hand. Pumpkin carving is an art form that has grown over the years. Today people are raising the bar on the pictures and designs that get carved into pumpkins. While the tools and methods may have changed there is one vital need that hasn’t changed and that is lighting the pumpkin. Without lighting the inside of the pumpkin is can be hard for people to make out what picture or design you carved into the pumpkin. A tea light is just the rise size to fit in the pumpkin to show you carving to the world this Halloween. Halloween isn’t the only time a tea light is handy. If you enjoy having your home smell good a tea light can aid you greatly. With a simple investment into a diffuser you can use the tea light to warm wax or essential oils. Most diffusers are made to limit the space they take up so a tea light is the best heat source for these aromatherapy products. Tea lights are not only limited to just these uses. You can use them with many other projects or ideas that you may come up with. If you want to add a little more decor to your home you can also use a tea light as floating candle or burn them on their own to enhance the overall ambiance of the room you chose to place them in. The best part about tea lights however is their low cost. You can stock up on these without have to spend a fortune and enjoy them anytime you want.

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