If you’re looking for something truly different for your next event, consider using submerged displays. They incorporate all the elements of a traditional centerpiece, even flowers, but create unusual visual impact, and are more compact than traditional centerpieces. Their compact height allows you to create tablescapes that are both visually stunning and not overwhelming to your guests as they socialize.

The steps of creating a submerged display are simple. You first need a variety of clear glass vases. Large and varied quantities of these vases, and nearly everything you’ll need, can be found online at discount vendors like millenniumcandles.com.  Make sure the vases are completely clean and remove any sticky tags with a product like goo-be-gone.

You will also need a selection of clear or colored glass pebbles, and potentially some metallic confetti and glitter. Whatever flowers you are planning to use should be on hand as well. If they are fresh, which is recommended, they should be cut just before you place them in the containers. You’ll need a water source, and something controllable for pouring, like a pitcher or funnel as well.

One decision you’ll need to make is whether you want to illuminate your submerged display. The most dramatic displays use Floralyte submersible LED lights to allow their creations to glow from within. They’re available in a rainbow of colors to allow you tailor your design.

Assembly is simple. If you choose the LED option, place the lit submersible LED first in the clear glass vase.  Then, place the flower(s) in the vase and secure them in position with the decorative pebbles. Put in the appropriate amount of glitter or confetti. Lastly, add the water and fill it as close to the top as you can. Because of the liquid component, it is recommended that these displays be assembled at each table, to minimize spillage.

That’s all there is to it! Your flowers will stay lush in the water, surrounded by swirling glitter and confetti, and ethereally lit from within for an unforgettable centerpiece masterpiece.


Ann Weaver

Date 7/24/2017

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