Designing memorable centerpieces and other event decor items requires a great deal of creativity, a firm grasp of materials, and a lot of outside the box thinking. After all, most people have been to a large number of events in their life, and have seen more than their share of lacy and frilly centerpieces. If you want to make your mark and develop your reputation, you need to take your centerpieces to an entirely new level. One way to do this is by using what is known as a floating candle.

What are Floating Candles?

Floating candles are a specially designed candle that is usually made from paraffin wax. They are relatively short, with a wide base, and they actually do float on the top of water or other liquid. They are also extremely affordable, especially when considering the versatility they offer when it comes to creating unique displays and centerpieces.

Centerpiece Design Ideas

It doesn't matter whether it is for a wedding or any other event, a candle-based centerpiece serves two purposes. Not only does it provide illumination for that table or area of the room, but it serves to set the mood and help deliver the overall decorative theme of the event. As we mentioned above, the versatility of the floating candle makes it perfect for designers with a creative flair, as they allow your imagination to float as easily as the candles themselves. Here are a few basic floating candle ideas to work with for your next centerpiece:

Color Me Impressed

Most people seem to forget the element of color when working with candle centerpieces. It's a shame, because not only do you have a wide range of choices for the color of your floating candle, but you can also easily color the water or other liquid where your candle is floating. By using a little food color, you can create a ddeep impression of your decorative theme's primary - or accent - color, and the illuminating effect of the candle on the surface creates a glowing impression in the liquid, which can be aesthetically spectacular!

Love is in Bloom

Weddings, anniversaries and other events with a sentimental theme can always use flowers to underscore that emotional tenor, and few design materials merge as well with flowers as floating candles. A wide range of flowers, including roses, daisies, pansies and geraniums, all float quite well, and provide a wide base for the candle to float on in the centerpiece. They also add a third element of color to the arrangement, allowing even more creative options for your design palette. There are also incredibly beautiful floating flower candles that allow you to combine the two elements in one streamlined piece.

Multiple Pieces

When some designers think about centerpiece creation, they think of a single unit. However, a centerpiece can contain more than one piece, as long as they are arranged together to form a single cohesive expression. Try using a larger centerpiece with the floating candles, and smaller ancillary pieces arranged geometrically around it to create a combination of design directions that all work together to form a perfect centerpiece.

When it comes time to create your next wedding or event centerpiece, don't sink into the same old design constrictions. Let your imagination and artistic vision float like the incredible floating candles at the heart of your inspiration!

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