Wedding planning is all about choosing the correct seasonal theme to make your day perfect and memorable for your guests and relatives. Your wedding theme should not only present your personalities, but also the season and the place where you are going to celebrate your union. It won’t be wrong at all, to say, the wedding plan essential is theme and the plan itself revolves around it when you begin to ponder wedding decoration ideas and discuss the possibilities with friends and folks. The most popular wedding themes, however, of all seasons are only four, and they are easy to get started with.

Spring Themes:

In spring, the weather is very favorable and mild in the temperate. It’s neither scorching hot nor shivering cold. If you consult an expert you will be recommended with four spring themes, which are an inspiration of this season, and these four themes are rainy days, green parties, tea parties, and green flowers. Notice that there is too much greenery in the season, which becomes an ultimate inspiration within the theme. Use floating candles and petals by teaming them up with fresh rose and lilies in the theme. Use flowers and candles, if possible, get a wedding cake of green combination, containing vanilla flavor, fresh edible leaves, fruits, and other similar seasonal products. For wedding favors you can give away fresh seeds to your guests to go home and grow plans themselves. In the desert you can serve up something cool like coconut milk and ice creams with little twist of vanilla flavor.

Summer Themes:

Wedding decoration for this season is easier to cope and handle as compared to other ones. With ample choices of venues and seasonal dishes, your celebration becomes a great thing to plan for. Serve up chilled fresh juices, lime stocks, and organ juice. You also get a freedom to incorporate bright colors within decoration, such as bold red, orange, yellow, and dark brown. You can serve fresh vegetables and fruits and offer a delicious desert in the menu. You should follow the summer theme throughout the decoration; you may use lantern and lights in the interior and fresh flowers outside near the swimming pool. Choose a place where you are provided with a swimming pool reception, the water effect will do it right.

Fall Themes:

Most popular colors of the season are red, yellow, and browns. You might have seen yellow petals with rusty brown outlook; these petals are actually a sign of fall. The leaves change color and get crispy or brown in the season. Tallow berries and sunflower are plenty in the season. You should do decoration by getting inspiration of the fall season. You may serve backed potatoes and roasted chicken with rice. Get a good cake designed and add edible fall leaves on the tiers. Your cake should have a slight touch of nutmeg and pumpkin because they are seasonal. In addition you may serve soft soups with seasoned vegetables and spices and don't forget your fall candles.

Winter Themes:

With the streets and roads covered with snowflakes you might be thinking of incorporating a wonderland theme when planning for the wedding. This is not the only theme to consider, there are many other with bright colors and shades. Use fresh flowers roses, mums, and orchids and pair them with shinny metallic candles. The blue and silver are major seasonal color as per fashion; you need to use them in the smart way within theme. Serve hot soups, vegetables, roasted or grilled chicken, mutton, and tea in the menu. Give away chocolates and peppermint/candies to your guests as wedding favors


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Date 7/14/2017

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