The  soft glow of Taper Candles are perfect for any setting
Offering a wide variety of features and applications, taper candles are a go-to decoration piece for receptions, formal dinners, and romantic nights. 

No one wants their candles to cause a mess by melting wax everywhere. That’s one of the reasons why savvy wedding planners and cost-effective brides alike choose a high-quality bulk taper candle that won’t drip all over your expensive tablecloth. For a classic dinner reception look, thin, statuesque taper candles in white or ivory will create a breathtaking view at evening weddings. Fall brides can appreciate the broad spectrum of colors available to match any theme: caramel, sage, pumpkin, wheat, gold, orange, and purple are just a few of the unique shades you can highlight at your autumn wedding. Don’t forget to buy many pieces at a time to really wow guests. 

With taper candles that are dipped by hand, you are assured a top quality candle that proves itself by burning down smoothly and steadily—no quick burns or wax-covered tables here. But you don’t need a wedding to experience the romance that exudes from this beautiful style of candle. Dim candlelight is the perfect setting for confessing your love or reaffirming your commitment to your significant other. Surround a bathtub or Jacuzzi with several of these lithe candlesticks, or design an abundant dining room table display with them for an extravagant look. Buy in 10, 12, 15, 18, or 24 inch varieties so that you can mix and match to create an eclectic yet classy appearance. No taper candle set is complete without the perfect glass candle holders for displaying.

Whether you own a restaurant and keep candles on standby for special occasions, or you want to display your passion for the special person in your life, taper candles are the way to go. 

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