Are you planning on having a fall wedding? Well with so much to choose from, we are hoping to help you finalized your fall wedding centerpiece.  Below is a list of ideas we've put together to  you with your fall wedding theme.
As we all know the wedding centerpieces is  the prominent pieces in the entire decoration. So as you prepare  to create to that unforgettable day you need to consider the illumination role of candles. As illumination plays an important role, the lighting arrangement depends on the ambiance you want to create.  If you plan to have dim lighting in the dinner area and focus lighting in rest of the space. Then you are going to need candles to give that defined look to the entire decorations and planning.  remember by placing small votive candles  in orange holders on the tables will just perfectly  light up and beautify the entire reception area.


Fall Wedding Centerpiece Ideas With Candles

Pumpkin Candle Centerpiece


Are you on a wedding budget? And looking to make your own Fall wedding centerpiece? Well this is a perfect pick ! All you’ll need is different size  pumpkins, white or orange pillar candles, knife, marker, sprigs of bittersweet, vines and artificial berries. Start making fall wedding centerpieces with candles by cutting the stem off from the top of the pumpkins. Now mark the diameter of candle on the pumpkin and accordingly make a hole in its center using knife so that you can insert the candle into it. Clean the inside of the pumpkin and place the candle in this hole. Last but not lease just tuck the fall leaves, sprigs, berries, and vines from sides of the candle into the pumpkin.

Looking forward to read your reviews on this one!


Fall Pillar Candle Centerpiece

This is one of the easiest fall wedding candle centerpieces you can ever imagine. For this centerpiece you will need a glass bowl with pedestal, white pillar candle, fall leaves and sprigs. You’ll then begin by placing the candle in the center of the bowl. Make sure you do not secure it right now. Now tuck oak and maple leaves from all sides of the candle's base. Also, add sprigs. Slowly lift the candle. Tie a thin orange ribbon to the candle, from base till top. Ribbon must not completely cover the candle. Now hold the candle's base on low flame and immediately place it in center of the plate. This will help it secure properly. You can use adhesive tape as well to secure it.

 There you go you now have an elegant wedding centerpiece to grace your gust table!


Glass Candle Holder Fall Centerpiece
For this fall centerCandle Holderspiece you’ll need to take a tall cylindrical glass candle holders. You will then need to add  an orange pillar candle of height and diameter slightly smaller than the candle holder inside. Now use gravels or grains of white and orange color to fill the space between candle and candle holder. Fill up until half the height of the candle holder. Now place it on the table and add fall leaves, berries, sprigs and nuts around it. You can have a lot of other elements  to grace the candle and the holder and right before your eyes it will convert it into an attractive fall centerpiece.

Floating Candle Centerpiece
Orange floating candle are always a  quite popular wedding choice . Check out our floating candle section you will be dazzled by the wide selection and cheap price. What you’ll need to do next is take glass bowls that are wide enough and have at least 6 inches of height. Take a few white, orange and yellow colored floating candles. Fill half the bowl with water. You might even want to add colored sand, sea shells, pebbles and small marble stones to have a decorative base. When this is done you can now add your  floating candles. Also it won’t be a bad idea to add artificial maple leaves and cover the empty space between the floating candles and the water. This is an extremely beautiful centerpiece idea that you can opt for.

So will you agree that having the best looking fall wedding centerpiece is not a tough task. Remember now don’t  restrict yourself with these ideas. Explore your creativity, add up your ideas to these and have some unique pieces to spice up and light up the wedding decor. We would love to hear all about them.

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