Listed below are three easy steps showing you how to decorate your votive candle holders.
Supplies Needed:
  • clear 2 inch votive candle holders
  • Accents Ribbon ( Color of your choice)
  • Rhinestones or gems
  •  Metal Color Paint (Available at craft stores)
  • Pearl Pen Self Adhesive stencil
  • 1 square sponge
  • Paper Plate or pallette
  • Masking tape Glue
Step 1
First you will need to apply a flexible, self adhesive stencil of the design you want on the votive candle cup (make sure the cup is clean). You will then use masking tape to secure the non image area. On a paper plate or palette pour a small amount of the Metal Color and gently use the sponge to dab the metal color until its evenly saturated on the sponge. Gently apply the Metal Color with the sponge on the stencil .
Step 2
While the color is still wet on the votive holder, carefully peel off the stencil. Also try to clean your stencil right away so that you can use it again.
Step 3
Its now time to use your Pearl Pen to make small round pearl droplets to your stencil design. After the metal color and the pear droplets are dry. You can add the self-adhesive rhinestones or gem to the glass. To give your personalized votive candle cup a touch of elegant you can also add ribbons to give the final touch
 Helpful Tip
When making the pearl droplets  try to hold the pearl pen in an upright position and try to squeeze the tube very slow until you reach desired size.. Droplet may look pointy at first but will subside into dome shape. Also it wouldnt hurt to practice until you have consistent results

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