- First of all, NEVER display candles where they're exposed to sunlight or spotlights. They'll fade and if left too long, will eventually bend. Trust me, floppy candles don't look good.

- If you want your table to look elegant, long tapered candles are the best choice. For anything informal, pillar candles are ideal.

- Place some stones (glass or natural) or shells in the bottom of a clear, wide bowl of water and light some floating candles. Sprinkling some petals on the water adds to the appeal. If you have pets, remember to remove the water before leaving the bowl unattended as drinking water with wax in it can give them an upset tummy and the petals of some plants are lethal when ingested.

- Personally, I think candles always look better grouped together. Arranged at different heights, they make more impact as 'ornaments' and give off more light. I one had 5 or 6 standing on a brass tray that'd been stuck down by dripping wax on to the tray in large blobs and pressing each candle into the warm wax. The extra stability made them safer to use and liking to keep things as leisurely as possible, the tray made it easy to move them from room to room.

- When positioning a candle between two people, the flame should always burn at least two inches below eye level. Why? You want eye contact don't you? There's nothing romantic about a flickering flame stopping you from gazing into each other's eyes and even if you're not into intimate meeting of the eye, it's still very annoying!

- If you want your candles to look shiny and clean when you light them, try rubbing them with a pair of old tights to remove dust and fingerprints. This'll bring back the sheen that's usually lost when the candle gets warm. Good job they're handy for something, eh?

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