As the name suggests pillar candles are so called because of their shape and size. Large, often 4 to 12 inches tall by 2 to 3 inches across, pillar candles were one of the earliest design of candle; and like all design classics they are timeless.


Buying pillar candles at discount prices allows you to buy more than you originally intended or gives you extra money for a beautiful candle holder. There are many different kinds of candle holders you can have for pillar candles, but the usual one for a table is a plate type of holder. This allows you to place several scented pillar candles together to achieve an elegant effect. You can also decorate a scented pillar candle with ribbon or arrange flowers around the bottom of the candles, if you have them on a plate. Not only can you tie a ribbon around a square pillar candle, but you can have several candles tied together in a display.

You can burn pillar candles just to achieve a certain ambiance, but if you burn scented pillar candles, you have even greater benefits. An aromatherapy scented pillar candle has the healing properties you want depending on the fragrance you choose. These pillar candles also help to set the mood for a romantic get together or give the appearance of having been baking all day. They are widely available as discount pillar candles.

Pillar candles have a number of attributes that have led to their longevity. For a start they are slow burning making them extremely good value. For example we have pillar candles that will burn for an average of 120 hours, yes that means if you lit it on Monday morning it would still be burning on Friday night! Even the smaller ones will burn for over 50 hours.


Aside from the practical attraction there is the aesthetic attraction; they do look good. Strong and broad they can dominate a table setting, add color to any room and are great accessories when you want to dress a room up for an evening or celebration. It no longer surprises us when customers tell us they have bought a pillar candle with no intention of ever lighting it, they simply use it as a timeless and affordable ornamental decoration.


You can use several different sizes of scented pillar candles to make an exquisite display on your table, coffee table or mantle. If you have several pillar candles, you can arrange them by height. Place the tallest pillar candle in the middle and arrange the others around it. You can have both round and square pillar candles in the one centerpiece, but most people like to use pillar candles of the same shape. You can also have different colors or have all the candles the same color. Even though pillar candles are not expensive, there are many places where you can buy discount pillar candles and save even more money.


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