I’m sure we can all agree that getting married can be unbelievably expensive. With so much to purchase paid for such as catering hall, wedding dress, flowers, limo and the list goes on and on, thank God there is always metallic floating candle. As we all know wedding centerpiece can be very expensive. However despite the fact centerpieces are costly all bride still wants an elegant wedding and a talk of the town centerpiece at their wedding . That’s why Millennium Candles recommend our bulk floating candle package thats sold at wholesale price. Floating candles is the trick in creating an expensive looking centerpiece and paying less.
Not only is the floating candle disk exquisite and beautiful, it is also very easy to work with, so you won't feel stress or overwhelm as you engaged in this project.
To help you create magnificent floating candle centerpieces, here are the basic steps you need to keep in mind:
 1. Choose the right candles (www.millenniumcandles.com) Since andles are an essential part of the centerpiece, you need to choose the right kinds to display. Floating Candles come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, texture and sizes and you need to choose based on your personal preference and in accordance to the theme of the wedding. For example, if you want your wedding to exude the magic of winter, then the 3inch pearlescent floating candles is the way to go. If you want to have a simple but elegant wedding, white round candles are ideal. Now, if the theme of your wedding is Irish, choose thick ivory candles. Aside from the appearance and style of the candle, you also have to choose good quality candles that have long burning time, no smoke film, lead-free wicks, and low soot wax.
 2. If you’re not floating your candles in fountain, pool or lake then picking out the right floating candle holder is important. Yes size matter! Think of where you want to place your candle holder. If the space is small than a goblet or small stemmed bowl is perfect for a single floating candle centerpiece. A wide bowl, on the other hand, is ideal for a group of small floating candles. You also have the option to use pedestal bowls for a three-dimensional effect of light, triangle or square bowls for a unique display, and hourglass shaped cylinders to express artistry and creativity.
3. It’s your special wedding day don’t be afraid to add a special touch to your wedding centerpiece. Let your bridesmaids’ help you decorative the glass bowl. You can add embellish to the centerpiece with real or silk flowers, quartz crystals, sand, marbles, colored stones, natural pebbles, seashells, or gems to add a more dramatic effect. You can even put in a few drops of food coloring to give color to the water. Submersible LED is always breathtaking.
4. The base of your centerpiece is also an important part of the decor. Never asume  your guests are going to overlook the base of the centerpiece. Also the right kind of base is what’s going to add the final touch the centerpiece. You can choose from mirrors, loose flower petals, decorative plate, or a fabric the option is endless!

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